In challenging times of late, raising funds for charities has become an almost impossible ask but it doesn’t mean that the small enterprises Lasting Life support, need us less in fact quite the opposite.

I have to admit at no time in my life had I considered going into retail, but My Things and Others is special and for such a special cause that will enable us to bring a smile on a grey day to someone who needs.

It’s been hard work in organising and now running on a day to day basis but fun too, especially going to the mailbox to find gifts and surprises that aren’t all from Amazon but friends who have been extraordinary in their support. It only took a phone call or letter and the response from everyone “what can I do to help?”

So please continue to spread the word amongst your friends and if you feel you have something to add to our collection, contact us about sending! Perhaps something you may have mistakenly bought or would just love to give us and perhaps write a line or two about?

We’ve a log cabin style shop at home that because of my extensive wardrobe and travel over the years, is practically full and of course I have many special things from my late husband Simon, that now and only now seems the right time and right reason to part with and I know he’d be proud of all that we’ve achieved.

In the next few weeks excitingly, we will be adding a “Unique items for Auction” page with exclusively one off memorabilia, that some very special friends have generously donated to LASTING LIFE so be sure to keep checking in ….

Our hope that this websites success, will be the gift needed to help us help others in a time of need and from me and my trustees at Lasting Life we thank you.